Bee-Line Bus - Schedules, tickets, rates and telephone

The Bee-Line System in Westchester County, New York, operates as a bus system with its buses adorned with the lowercase branding "bee-line system." This transportation network is under the ownership of the Westchester County Department of Public Works and Transportation.

The Bee-Line System provides transportation services within Westchester County, as well as to the Bronx, Manhattan, and Putnam County. With a fleet of approximately 325 vehicles, it stands as the second-largest bus system in the state of New York.

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Contact to Bee-Line Bus

Bee-Line Bus Routes and Schedules

Route Schedule
1C,1T,1W,1X Bronx - Westchester Community College, Tarrytown, White Plains and Westchester Community College Express Bronx - Westchester Community College, Tarrytown, White Plains and Westchester Community College Express. 
2 Bronx - Tudor Woods 
3 Bronx - White Plains 
4 Bronx - Yonkers  
5 Yonkers - White Plains - Harrison 
6 Yonkers - White Plains - Pleasantville 
7 Yonkers - Mount Vernon - New Rochelle  
8 Mount St. Vincent - Yonkers - Tuckahoe 
9 North Yonkers - Yonkers RR Station
10 Croton Commuter
 11 Croton Express 
12 Armonk - Westchester Airport - Purchase - White Plains 
13 Ossining - Tarrytown - Port Chester - Rye  
14/17 Peekskill - Ossining - White Plains, Peekskill - White Plains Express
15 Peekskill - Yorktown - White Plains  
16 Peekskill - Jefferson Valley
18/31 Peekskill Commuter
19 Ossining - Mount Kisco - Katonah 
20/21 Bronx - White Plains 
25 Bronx - Yonkers
26 Bronx - Yonkers - Bronxville
27 Skyline Drive - Eastview - White Plains Limited 
30 Yonkers - Bronxville - New Rochelle 
32 Yonkers Loop
34/38/39 Orchard Hill Secor Road and Ridge Road Commuter
40/41/43 Mount Vernon - White Plains - Westchester Medical Center
42 Bronx - Mount Vernon - New Rochelle
45/45Q Eastchester - New Rochelle - Pelham Bay / Top of the Ridge - New Rochelle 
52 Bronx - Mount Vernon - Bronxville 
53 Mount Vernon - Chester Heights
54 Mount Vernon Loca
55 Bronx - Mount Vernon - Yonkers 
60/61/62 Bronx - New Rochelle White Plains, White Plains Express and Port Chester  
63 Scarsdale - White Plains 
64/65 Green Knolls Longview Commuter 
66 Dobbs Ferry - Scarsdale - Larchmont - New Rochelle
70/71 Bonnie Briar Commuter and Larchmont Manor Commuter 
77 Taconic Express 
78 Getty Square - Stew Leonard's Drive 
400 Mount Vernon
430/440/470 Yonkers 
450/460 New Rochelle 
(Rte 28)
Westchester - Manhattan
Loops Loop A
Loop B 
Loops C and D
Loop F
Loop H 

Bee-Line Bus Tour

How to Purchase Bee-Line Bus Tickets?

  1. Arrive at your bus stop at least 5 minutes early to avoid missing your bus.
  2. When boarding the bus, insert exact fare (coins only, no bills or pennies) or swipe your MetroCard in the electronic fare box. All Bee-Line buses have electronic fare boxes with a slot on the left for MetroCard and a slot on the right for coins.
  3. If paying with coins and transferring to another bus, request a free "transfer" ticket from the driver upon boarding. This transfer is valid for the next two hours on any other Bee-Line bus (except BxM4C) or local New York City bus.
  4. If paying with a MetroCard, the transfer is electronic. Simply swipe your MetroCard on the first bus and, within the next two hours, use the same card on any other Bee-Line bus (except BxM4C) or local New York City bus or subway for a free transfer.
  5. As the bus approaches your destination or transfer point, press the yellow strip by the windows to signal the driver that you want to disembark.
  6. Exit through the back door for a quicker exit, making room for new passengers to board through the front door. Once the door opens, step down and take a step away from the bus. Never walk near the side of the bus.

Bee-Line Bus Destinations

Operating around 60 routes, including local, limited-stop, and express buses, the Bee-Line System also connects passengers to Metro-North Railroad stations. Shuttle services cater to corporate parks along the I-287 corridor. Key transit hubs are located in White Plains, New Rochelle, Yonkers, and Mount Vernon, with a focus on Peekskill, Ossining, and Yorktown in the northern part of the county. The system boasts over 3,300 bus stops.

Several Bee-Line routes extend to the Bronx, facilitating connections for Westchester residents to buses and subways in New York City.

BxM4C Westchester-Manhattan Express

This service runs along Central Park Avenue, crossing through White Plains, Hartsdale, Scarsdale, and Yonkers to Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, returning via Madison Avenue. A higher fare is applicable on this route.

Playland Services

The following bus routes operate during the summer to Westchester County's Playland Park in Rye:

  • Route 75 from the Metro-North Railroad Station in Rye
  • Route 91 from Yonkers, Mount Vernon, and New Rochelle

Bee-Line Bus Fleet Photos

History of Bee-Line Bus

The inception of the Bee-Line System dates back to May 1, 1978, initiated by the Westchester County Department of Transportation. This initiative aimed to streamline the bus system by consolidating thirteen private bus companies, granting control over buses, fare structures, routes, and services. However, by the 1980s, there was a notable identity crisis regarding the service provider.

To address this issue, on May 19, 1987, the WCDOT officially christened the bus service as "The Bee-Line System." This rebranding included a distinctive 'bee-in-flight' mascot, creatively illustrated by cartoonist Jack Davis.

Presently, the Westchester County Department of Public Works and Transportation has established contracts with two private bus companies for service provision in Westchester County and its neighboring areas. Liberty Lines Transit, Inc., based in Yonkers, is the primary company that either acquired or secured franchises from the other twelve bus companies, operating buses on all routes except three. Additionally, P.T.L.A. Enterprise, Inc., situated in Cortlandt Manor, serves as a smaller entity managing buses on routes 16, 18, and 31.