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The Ride Bus is the public transit system operated by the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority (TheRide) in the greater Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti area. It provides reliable, safe, and affordable transportation services to the community.

  1. The Ride Routes and Schedules
    1. Schedules Route 3 - Huron River
    2. Schedules Route 4 - Washtenaw
    3. Schedules Route 5 - Packard
  2. How to Purchase The Ride Tickets?
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The Ride Routes and Schedules

Schedules Route 3 - Huron River

Schedules Route 4 - Washtenaw

Schedules Route 5 - Packard

See all schedules here.

How to Purchase The Ride Tickets?

You have two options for purchasing TheRide tickets:

  1. Mail Order: TheRide offers a mail-order option for passes and other fare merchandise They ship via USPS [US Postal Service] and you can find more information on their website.

  2. Mobile Ticketing: TheRide uses for electronic tickets for fixed-route and A-Ride services You can purchase tickets directly through the EZfare website or their app.

Important to Note:

  • TheRide is not responsible for lost fare merchandise orders.
  • No refunds are provided on purchased fares.

The Ride services

TheRide offers a variety of services, including:

  • Fixed route buses: Scheduled bus routes covering various destinations within the service area.
  • Paratransit services (A-Ride): Specialized transportation for individuals with disabilities who are unable to use fixed route buses.
  • Commuter services: Includes Park & Ride lots and Vanpools, providing transportation options for commuters.
  • Demand-responsive services: Flexible transportation options such as FlexRide, NightRide, and HolidayRide, catering to specific needs and times.
  • Event services: Special services like FootballRide for events and gatherings.
  • Airport services: AirRide, offering transportation to and from the airport.

TheRide Bus has been a vital resource for the Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti community for over 50 years, connecting people to work, school, and other essential destinations. The organization is governed by an Executive Staff and Board of Directors, with input from a Local Advisory Council, ensuring that services are in the best interest of riders and the community.

The Ride Bus Fleet Photos



  • Dawn Gabay Operations Center 2700 S. Industrial Hwy Ann Arbor, MI 48104
  • Call Us: 734-996-0400

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